Mango melt – 800mg cbd crumble

mango melt

Here is the second part of my latest reviews for the one an only gradedgreen with their new Mango Melt. Got to say a huge thanks as always guys and I am loving this new range of extracts so far

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Strain: Mango melt

Strength: 1g/ 800mg cbd crumble

*** looks and smell***

Well this one is something special for me being a lover of mangos an anything vape related mango when done right is always that something special for me. Soon as u pop that seal oh my gosh you get a sweet sweet ripe mango smell an I mean it smells delicious. The looks of this are just as satisfying it’s a smooth looking extract that is a pale orange with milky white edges. It’s pretty solid but as soon as you take the dab tool to it it breaks off quite easily, such a joy to work with.


Effects wise this one is a uplifting onset that soon becomes a mellow out vibe. My back ache from today’s grind has melted away my eyes are little heavy but my mind is awake and the good vibes are flowing. I can see this being a all day every day dab. Great to unwind or for that extra get up and go.

***Flavour ***

This tastes just like it smells a full on smooth mango that is sweet on the pallet. I’d like me you love mangos then this profile hits the spot. It’s so smooth when dabbing an full of sweet juicy mango that feels like you have a mouth full of fruit. This definitely stands out in a crowd an a must try for any flavour chasers out there. Thank me later on the heads up


Oh my gosh probably be of the tastiest dabs I’ve had to day and a true representation of a juicy mango. I can’t praise this profile enough I love it great job to my graded family on this one it’s a beauty