Mega fruits – Grape – Canevolve UK

mega fruits grape

Welcome to my Mega Fruits Grape review. Massive thanks as always for the support you guys have given me, it’s always appreciated and I can’t thank you enough.

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Strain: mega fruits grape

Strength: 96% broad cbd crumble

*** looks and smell***

Here we have a beautiful amber slab that is very smooth and clean looking. It looks almost wet in the light with the shimmer this produces in the light. This is a zingy grape smell and reminds me of the jolly rancher grape sweets and the aroma is pungent an punchy.


This one has left me feeling very relaxed yet uplifted. My aches have drifted away from the stress of the day, my mind has settled downs and is no longer doing 1000mph now it’s more like a slow tick over. That’s always a plus for me as being an other thinker sometimes I need that switch to turn off even if for 5 minutes.

***Flavour ***

Most definitely tastes like it smells to me, dropped some in the vision an hit it 3 times on a medium heat an the flavour is full on grape, it’s like a smooth zingy white grape flavour that wants you to hit it agin an again. It’s lip smacking good an definitely sweet sweet grape all the way.


Yet another killer product from canevolve, this company are so consistent with their products I’ve had so far. Always good quality and fairly well priced. Keep up the great work guys and can’t wait for the next one.