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og kush

As always first off a huge thank you to the team over at cbd extracts Uk for the hook up of this OG Kush Extracts. It’s deeply appreciated and always a joy to review your products. Remember to go check them out people they are a new company who I’ve been following an watching grown an was lucky enough to be one of the first to try this brand before it’s release and watching them grow fast is a great thing.


Strain: O.G Kush

Strength: 1g/ 1000mg 95%cbd

*** looks and smell***

Well what is there to say just look at this extract. Very clean well formed shards of glass that break up easily yet still holds its shape. It’s a milky white colour with a tinge of yellow with some parts transparent. It looks stunning. As for smell it’s got a mild aroma that is kind of spicy with a fruity backend. It’s got that musky kushy smell to it for sure. It’s not overwhelming an is very pleasant indeed


This one has great relaxing and calming properties. My eyes are not to heavy but on the other hand they are not quite wide eyed an bushy tailed. I’m feeling relaxed and focused at the same time. My aches and pains from the day have melted away. The extract is very smooth and did not give me any cough lock what so ever so win win for me.

***Flavour ***

The flavour on this one on inhale is a spicy/musky flavour that is soon followed up with a fruity sweet exhale. It’s got that earthy kush that has a bite to it and that dank dank aftertaste that sticks to the tastes buds an has them dancing.


What a great og kush profile that ticks all my boxes does just what I want and need for an extract that would be a great dab any time of the day be it morning noon or night. This is a must try for any kush lovers out there. Even if your not I’m sure this would sway you. Great job guys well done