Pineapple Express (new batch 17.02.22) – ParadiseCBD

pineapple express

Lets take a look at the new Pineapple Express. As I always do let’s start off by saying a massive thank you for the continued support as always to the team over at paradise cbd. Service has always been spot on for me an always a pleasure working and dealing with you guys.

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Strain: Pineapple Express (new batch 17.02.22)

Area Of Origin: TuscanyCBD Content: 26.6%Total Cannabinoids: 27.9%

*** looks and smell ***

Well what can I say yet again this is another great looking and smelling flower. The pungent aroma this Pineapple Express is giving off is out of hand. It’s got a dank sweet aroma that definitely has my nose hair twitching. You get a sweet ripe pineapple that has a hazy spice to it on the backend. This is a super sweet smelling flower that smells very much like it’s counterpart. As for looks it’s a mix of light and dark greens with plenty of golden trichomes inside an out that gives it a golden hue in the light. You have some beautiful orange shoots poking out that really set this off for me. A little bit of sweet leaf but that’s no issue for me. It’s a thing of beauty and when it hits the grinder just be ready for a nose explosion an a sense overload.

*** Flavour ***

Loading up the dynavap and hitting this on a top cap heat for full on terps it’s got a sweet sweet pineapple that is followed by a dank earthy spice. The sweet ripe pineapple clings to everything it touches. I can’t get over the sweetness of this one, So tasty.

*** effects ***

For me I must say today Its left me feeling very relaxed, my eyes are feeling this one yet my brain is very much alert. I’m feeling very content with euphoric waves across my aching muscles, I can feel the tension easing from my head down. Very nice feel to this one that’s for sure.

*** conclusion *** 9/10

For me this is the best Pineapple Express cbd strain I’ve had to date. This is a great strain for me and can see this not lasting me long at all. A must try if you like your sweet dank profiles. Many thanks as always guys an can’t wait for the next instalment.