Purple Punch – HighKind Cannabis CO.

purple punch

I can not wait to try this Purple punch. Just want to say to the team over at highkind, I’m very humbled for the chance on reviewing some more of your products it’s always a pleasure. Hats off to you guys each and every time

Manufacturer: highkind cannabis co


Strength:400mg/0.5g cbd 80% cannabinoids

Flavour profile: purple punch(artisan collection)

***Packaging and looks***

As always with highkind products the packing is always on point and eye catching. Always vibrant in colour and easy to read and well presented as always. These guys never fail to make a good impression from there packing and quality of product. As for the looks of this extract it is a Pale yellow off white colour that is pretty solid yet breaks off nice and easy so it’s quite manageable to scoop some up to drop in a banger or what ever your using

purple punch

***Flavour and smell***

This purple punch has a great fruity aroma to this one. Can’t quite put my finger the extract fruits. But man it is a sweet smelling extract that has a kinda og kush dank smell to it on the backend.

Flavour wise you get that dank og kind taste on the inhale that is soon backed up with a sweet fruit flavour that sent my taste buds in to over drive that craves that sweet dankness all day long. Can’t get enough of the Flavour profile on this one great job guys


This is a heavy hitting extract right off the bat this has made me warm inside, feeling like someone has wrapped there arms around me and given me the best hug ever. My body is relaxed to the max so much so my eyes are feeling quite heavy. My mind is clear and the days stresses have gone. I can say this is a great evening dab for me and can see it helping with a wide range of things from a mood lifter to helping sleep

*** Over all***

Packaging 5/5

Looks and smells 5/5

Effects 5/5

As always highkknd definitely producing some of the finer extract for the connoisseur that loves this high end cbd extracts. Great Flavour profile and effects are just what I look for in a extract. A must have in anyone’s collection.