Skunk 2.0 – Dappe Bio Tech

skunk 2.0

First I’ve got to say a massive thanks to the team over at Dappe Bio Tech for yet another opportunity for me to try some of there ever growing extract range and this Skunk 2.0 looks amazing.

Manufacturer: Dappe Bio Tech

Vendor: Dappe Bio Tech

Strength:1000mg/1g 84% cannabinoids

50% CBD / 25% CBG

Flavour profile: Skunk 2.0

***Packaging and looks***

The packing that they have used shows how much they care for the end result. The black glass tubs they use are great, but the label on the top is special. This new skunk 2.0 label is great just like the others they produce. Easy to read. Great colours. This one is not just a normal sticker, this has a plastic overlay that’s a real nice touch to it. As for the extract it’s a real deep yellow that just shimmers in the light. It’s not a brittle extract. It’s soft and juicy and could probably do with being kept in a fridge. If you do not like your extract soft not that it is a problem being soft

***Flavour and smell***

Well the opened the jar I was greeted with that unforgettable skunky aroma. It is sweet in some ways yet down right earthy hashy smell to it, with a light spicy woody aroma. It has an amazing scent. It’s like the old School skunk smell that takes you down memory lane, it does for me anyway. Flavours just as good as it smells. So I placed a big match head sized chunk in the puff co vision and as soon as those terps heated up, it was full on flavour. The inhale has a deep hashy woody lip smacked that has a sweet skunky undertone on the exhale. The flavour is a classic skunk that has left my tastebuds wanting more.


This is a great strain to relax with. I am feeling pretty much stress free and i have been coiled up like a spring this evening. But now I’m feeling that the sofa is the best place for me. My eyes are feeling heavy an my body is definitely feeling more relaxed an my tension has eased drastically. I can feel them warm waves rushing over my body that is soothing. I would say this strain is pretty dam good. It’s a heavy hitter and can not wait to put this in to my rig an take a bigger hit. This is definitely a night time strain for me an can see me sleeping like a log tonight.

***overall*** 10/10

Straight up a heavy hitter that does the job, tastes great, easy to work with and definitely going to be a staple in my extract collection. Great job guys well done

skunk 2.0