Star dawg 1g/ 800mg cbd shatter – GradedGreen

star dawg cbd

As always a massive shout to my graded family on this Star dawg extract. I can’t thank you enough for these new extracts

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Strain: Star dawg

Strength: 1g/ 800mg cbd shatter

*** looks and smell***

Well this one is another great clean looking extract from gradedgreen, it’s a nice solid gram chunk in this beautiful little white jar. It’s a creamy colour that has a white crust on it in places and breaks up just fine as it’s hard yet easily breaks up so it’s real manageable to work with.

As for the smell on this one it’s a fruity berry kind of smell that had some earthy undertones to it. But over all a real pleaser to the nostrils and I love it

puff co vision and star dawg


Well this one is a bit of a creeper for me, hit a nice sized xl match heads worth an I though oh well they can’t all be winners. But as time has gone on I feel my eyes are getting heavy for sure my mind is relaxed and on point. But my is in to the don’t want to do anything else mode for a while. I can see this being a great evening strain for me when I just want to chill out watch a film of even before I go to sleep as this one will be definitely aiding me along the way to the land of nod.

***Flavour ***

So this is a smooth hit, on the inhale you get that berry kind of taste. It’s kind of sweet but it’s got that gritty earthy backend for sure on the exhale. It’s not a bad profile at all. It definitely reminds me of some cbd dawg from graded green last year (purple star dawg) as in regards to the flavours I’m getting. If your a dawg lover then this will definitely tick all the boxes for sure


Once again graded settin the bar with your not so run of the mill extracts. This is a must for all dawg lovers out there. Great job as always and can’t wait for the next instalment