Super lemon haze pollen – Hemp & Herb

super lemon haze pollen

Many thanks to the hemp and herb family for this super lemon haze pollen and for the support last year it’s very much appreciated and I can’t wait to see what 2022 holds for you guys. Let’s start off 2022 with this super lemon haze pollen

Code: cr15

Strain: Super lemon haze pollen

Strength: 22% cbd

*** looks and smell***

Being a lemon haze fan this one sparked my interest as soon as I see it so had to get some. The looks on this pollen is great it’s a pale green/yellow in colour the texture it’s very compact but when u put your fingers to it it’s so smooth and soft and sprinkles so fine it’s unreal. The smells I’m getting on this are a real rich earthy aroma that has a sweet citrus smell. It’s definitely got my attention now.


Well after loading the volcano with this, hitting 2 small bags in quick succession, I felt like my eyes were heading south an I was ready for sleep but how wrong am I. I’m feeling very much relaxed yet my mind feeling stimulated. But the onset on this one had me fooled. Definitely a great all round strain for me.

***Flavour ***

This on the exhale you get a sweet earthy taste, but the in hale is a light sweet citrus to start and then that deep earthy back end jumps in. So good if you like them earthy profiles like I do


This is a great strain, does what you want it to do. If your in to your pollens an hashes then this is a must try. I just love the pollens over the harder style counterpart. Great job guys an here’s to a new year of working with you.