Tropicana cookies – Dispensarypens cbd

tropicana cookies

Here we are once again with a huge thanks to the team over at dispensarypens for this Tropicana Cookies. This was put in with my order I placed and I’m very great full for the way you have looked after me and I highly recommend this company people so do check them out.

Strain: Tropicana cookies

Strength: 1g/ 1000mg 85%cbd 10%cbg crumble

*** looks and smell***

Yet again another fine looking crumble, this ones like the others I’ve looked at full on glassy. A beautiful pale yellow that is clear but has a yellow glow to it. The smell of this one is a zesty orange kind of smell. It’s got some floral notes in there to. This one smells great and I could smell this all day long and it definitely gets my nose tingling.

Packaging is on point just like the others so no need to go over that again it’s great.

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The effects from this are mind clearing, a great mood booster and for someone like me that is always a win. It’s not heavy on the eyes or the body but at the same time I’m feeling at ease an relaxed. But this one is a great day time on the move strain. If anything I think this one gives me a little more energy so would do me good as a wake and vape or if I’m feeling down to turn that frown up side down.

***Flavour ***

This tastes just like it smells, the inhale is a zesty and full of flavour. The orangey sweetness sticks to the roof of your mouth long after you have finished your dab. You do get that floral vibe as you start to exhale but then the citrus punches back through. Definitely a great flavour profile and one for the flavour chasers out there.


Great for on the go if you have things to do and do not want to be weighted down like some make you feel. A great flavour profile and all round great extract. Well done dispensarypens can’t wait for the next instalment