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Tropicana  cookies

Here we go my first review since I’ve had covid Tropicana cookies and my nose isn’t quite back to normal yet, got to say a huge thank you to their team for a prompt delivery and a few extra samples put in the bag for me to try. It’s very much appreciated. Go check them out guys an save 15% off your orders

Code: cr15

Strain: Tropicana cookies

Strength: 20% cbd hybrid

*** looks and smell***

This one is one fine looking flower the buds are nice an tight, a pale green in colour that is covered in trichomes. The trim job is spot on and cured just right. The smell I’m getting is a fruity floral sweet profile. Once ground up the smell just erupts an has a sweet sugary fruity dank smell that’s got a kinda sweet earthy back end to it.


This one for me is a nice relaxing feel to it. I’ve had a long day and I must say this sofa is feeling pretty good right now. My body is at ease and my mind is clear. Just what I need after a long day at work for sure. I must say though this one made me peckish and that’s not always a bad thing.

***Flavour ***

Flavours are just like the smells I’m getting it’s a sweet earthy inhale that has a fruity sugary exhale. For my taste buds not being back to 100% I’m sure this will definitely please anyone pallet that loves that dank sweet profile as I do.


This one’s a great all rounder for me, it’s definitely let me feeling calm an at ease after a long day. Great job guys well done and thanks again.