Wymto – Dope goat – Canevolve UK

wymto e liquid

Talking about my Wymto review here. Got to give a huge thank you to the canevolve team for the huge pack that landed with all these extracts and vape juices in. Still gobsmacked by how much you sent over. Definitely my biggest delivery to date.


Strains: wymto (by Dope goat)

Strength: 250ml/ 10,000mg (ridiculous strong)

*** looks and smell***

Well the looks of this purple liquid is just that a dark purple 70/30 mix eliquid that is jam packed with cbd and it says on the bottle the 10,000mg cbd in 250ml of juice works out to around 40% cbd per 1ml of liquid vaped. Now that to me is some super strength liquid and that being said I don’t think your going to be needing a lot of it’s as strong as the bottle says. The smell on this is a fruity sweet liquid that does smell like vimto you get that sweet berry aroma that takes me back to cracking a can of vimto on the way to school.

*** flavours***

Flavour is a excellent combo of sweet succulent berry’s that just screams fruity goodness.

This tastes just like their wymto extract just in a eliquid form. Very nice indeed, you do get that kind of earthy isolate taste to it though but the sweet wymto over rides that and makes it a great tasty vape.


Well I have had a few goes with this now and vaping it at 15w the first time round I had around 10 pulls on it thinking I can’t feel anything. But then it did and I must say this is quite strong that much so that it gave me a little head ache. So this is one of them take it slow an see where you are at after a couple of puffs not like me and forget it’s a high cbd content. It’s so easy to keep vaping this as the flavours spot on and you forget that it’s a cbd liquid.


This is a great vape just remember low an slow and all will be ok. Don’t be like me an vape loads to start with. (Such a rookie) but this is a great juice an I can’t wait to try the others