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banana sherbet

Welcome to my Banana sherbet review. Here we have the second instalment for the team over at cbd island, got to say a huge thank you to the team for the support and I love what you are doing.

Strain: Banana sherbet

Strength: 85% cbd

*** looks and smell***

So the looks on this are a creamy looking extract, very smooth to touch an not to hard to work with. It solid but breaks off very easy with minimal effort. A great looking extract that is very clean. As for the aroma it’s like a bag of sweet bananas like you used to get a kid from the sweet shop pick and mix with a sherbety goodness chucked in for good measures.


Right away I loaded the halo with a small sized peace and set the halo to low, I didn’t really feel much on the first cycle, so waited 20 mins an hit it again with a bigger peace, I must say I’m feeling much more at ease now. My eyes are feeling relaxed an I’ve started to slow downs and unwind. After being on the go since 5am running round like Mo Farah at work, this extract has definitely bought me back down to a relaxed state of mind. I can see me sleeping well tonight.

***Flavour ***

This is a sweet sugary sherbet inhale that on the exhale you get that banana come through that sticks to the palate. A well rounded profile that works well not over powering at all. A very nice well balanced profile.

***Conclusion*** 8/10

Yet another solid profile that gets me to where I need to be. A great way to unwind relax an feel a lot less stressed. Great job guys can’t wait for the next