Cali Cream – Hemp Hash

cali cream stack

Got to give a massive thank you to the team over at Hemp Hash for sending this Cali Cream out for me to sample. It’s always a pleasure reviewing for you an service and communication is always great. You guys never fail to impress me with the top quality products you deliver each and every time.

Strain: Cali Cream

Strength: 22% CBDa + CBD

12% broad spectrum cannabinoid content

<0.2% delta-9 THC

*** looks and smell***

This hash is something special. As soon as I popped the top I was hit with a full on nose explosion for pure hashy delight. This has a creamy yet deep dank earthy sweet hemp pungent aroma that fills the nose. I mean this one is probably one of the best smelling hashes I’ve had to date. As for looks on first impressions a jam packed oily dark brown looking hash, just like the thc counter part. But as soon as you cut in to this the colours change drastically from a deep brown almost black looking to a light brownish complexion this has a green/yellow hue to it. Its a thing of beauty and I can not wait to give this a go. Its real easy to work with an I mean easy, take a pinch and roll it out really thin no need for burning at all.


This one is a great heavy hitter for me. After hitting the dynavap with a few heat cycles to get the juices flowing. My mind and body are feeling this one big time. Its left me feeling very chilled yet still able to get things done. When it comes to lowering my stress levels this is the sort of thing I look for. I’m very great full indeed for having some of this fine hash in my collection for a little while. But I can see this 7g not lasting long at all.

***Flavour ***

So i loaded up the dynavap and right away you get a deep hempy cream. Its a full on deep hash profile that is sweet yet dank and full of flavour. Its a very nice light profile that sticks to the pallet and stays there for ages. Its very moreish. If you loved your hash in the 90s and are looking for a bit of nostalgia this is going to be on that ticks all the boxes. I just cant get over the complexion of this profile, such a perfect blind of deep dank sweet hempy hashyness.


Well this one is way up there for me when it comes to hashes. A great mood lifter and a super chilled effect not to heavy but heavy enough to hit that sweet spot. Great job guys and thank you once again for sending this out she’s a beauty and I can not wait for the next instalment.