Candyland – Dispensary pens

candyland extract

welcome to my Candyland review, Once again a huge thank you to the team over at dispensarypens for my order and for putting some totally unexpected extras in my order. It’s deeply appreciated and a real pleasure to be doing these extra reviews for you guys. If you haven’t already herd of these guys then do check out what they have to offer people.

Strain: Candyland

Strength: 1g/ 1000mg 85%cbd 10%cbg crumble

*** looks and smell***

This is one sexy looking crumble it’s a clear crumble with a tinge of yellow to it. It’s mostly clear with a little clouding to it. Breakers up easy yet still holds sale so keep your eyes open when breaking this one up for flying shards. The packing is great with this brand very clean and well presented. Pride has been taken with every aspect of this branding an I love it. The smell I’m getting is a sweet berry with a hint of a peppery spicy on the back end. Very clean smelling but the fruity notes linger and fill the air.

candy land extract


This is a well balanced profile, it’s got that uplifting sativa feel to it I am feeling very much upbeat with this one. It also has that right amount of chill factor to it. I’m pretty sure this will help you get up and go if you want to, but also if your like me an enjoy euphoric warm waves without the body feeling to heavy then this one is a win win and a must have in anyone’s collection.

***Flavour ***

This one is a fruity one on the inhale, can’t really put a exact description on what itis but I’d like to say a seeet berry of some sort. You get that gentle spicy back end on the last part of my exhale. Nothing not to like about this flavour profile it’s a solid all rounder for me


What a solid start to reviewing these crumbles. This is a great uplifting experience and ticks all the boxes for me. Can not thank you enough guys