Gelato (limited edition) – Paradise CBD

Welcome to my Gelato review. Well let’s kick start 2022, a huge thank you to everyone for the support in 2020 and I look forward to working with you all this year.

Here we go big shouts to the paradise family as always the continued support is always appreciated

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Strain: Gelato (limited edition)

Area Of Origin: TuscanyCBD Content: 27.9%Total Cannabinoids: 29.3%

*** looks and smell***

Here we have some real tight dense sweet smelling sexy as looking flowers. The looks are incredible, so sweet, well-shaped, well-trimmed, and cured master peace. This flower has creamy trichomes on the outside and turns a deep orange in the middle of the bud. The aroma is a fruity sweet aroma that tingles the nostrils an has a sort of nutty spice back end. An when it hits that shredder the aroma is more in the fruity sweet side but still fills the air.

cloe up gelato cbd flower
gelato cbd flower

***Flavour ***

This is a sweet zesty fruity inhale that has a real smooth flavour to it. The exhale has a creamy, woody vibe to it for me, and the fruity front end lingers as you finish exhaling.


Right away after hitting the volcano I can feel my self letting go of the stress and tension. I went back right away for a second balloon full being greedy as it’s news years day to celebrate. My eyes are feeling much heavier that about 20 mins ago. My body is completely chilled, and my mind is clear. This is a fantastic strain for me, and what a way to begin 2022.

*** conclusion 9/10***

Paradise has done it again with another high-quality strain. This has left me feeling like I have not a care in the world. A great evening strain or if you need that extra something in the day. This is one you will need to try.