Girl Scout rookies – Hemp Hash

hemp hash packing

First look at my Girl Scout rookies review. As always many thanks to the hemp hash team for the continued support and wanting me to review yet another strain for them.

Strain: Girl Scout rookies

Strength: 18.5% CBD

*** looks and smell***

Well what can I say this absolutely smells to high heaven, full on sweet fruity aroma with notes of pepper on the back end. This is a stunning example of what a cbd flower should look and smell like. This is grown to perfection, cure and grime is spot on. As for trichome coverage this is absolutely coated and shines. It’s mix of greens an hues or purple coming though are a thing of beauty along with some orange pistols for good measures.

close up girl scout rookies


So effects from this one for me have been great, my anxiety has been a bit up an down today. So I loaded up the dynavap an hit this. I must say I’m feeling a lot less fidgety and my anxiety is at bay. I can see this one working well for me, my body and mind are clear and a lot less stress piled up inside like it has been this weekend. I’m feeling almost half human again and ready to take on the week ahead.

***Flavour ***

On the inhale of this one I am getting a sweet fruity profile that is smooth an fill of flavour in my dynavap, on the exhale I’m getting a peppery sweet fruity flavour that just sticks to the tongue and lips. Full on flavour power house for me.


Such a great strain for me an definitely one to try out if your looking for that high quality full on flavour well balanced effect. Well done again hemp hash for bringing another get flower to market