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gorilla glue cbd flower

Welcome to my Gorilla glue (new batch 28.01.22) review. Here we go big shouts to the paradise family as always the continued support is always appreciated and I love watching your grow strength to strength with each delivery that lands on my door step.


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Strain: Gorilla glue (new batch 28.01.22)

Area Of Origin: TuscanyCBD Content: 28%Total Cannabinoids: 29.3%

*** looks and smell***

When I opened, the aroma immediately exploded. It has a tonne of aromatics. It smells sweet, musky, spicy, and woody. the tightly packed, deep orange pistol-covered, dark green buds.

I mean, this is a really tight, well-formed flower. It released its sweetness when I ground up giving off a musty sweet odour.

***Flavour ***

The flavour on this non my dynavap is a real spicy diesel profile. That has a earthy woody back end that carry’s a sweetness to it. It’s full on dank profile is a beauty. It sticks to the pallet, has left me licking my lips trying to pin point the explosion in my mouth. I didn’t get much in the way of vapour clouds in the dynavap with this one. The full on terpy flavours made up for that. I can’t wait to put this in my volcano


For me this is a real relaxing strain. It’s heavy on the body an has left me forgetting about the aches an pains of the days grind. I’m feeling clear headed an very content with my self right now.

*** conclusion *** 9/10

Another great strain full on flavour banger that is gong to get your senses flowing. Effects are just what I like in a evening strain an this one rocks. Great job guys and thank you as always, cant wait for the next instalment.