Lemon sherbet – Graded Green

Lemon sherbet cbd

First off welcome to my Lemon Sherbet review. I have to say a massive thank you to my graded family once again for sending me some more products to review. As you know it’s deeply appreciated every single time and I love how much support you have given me and continue to do so with every pack that lands.

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Strain: Lemon sherbet

Strength: 1g/ 800mg cbd crumble

*** looks and smell***

The looks on this extract is a Milky brown/orange colour. The crumble is well formed solid yet breaks up easy enough and great to work with. The smell I am getting as soon as you pop that seal is a bitter lemon kind of smell that is sweet yet has that bitter back end on the nose. I was expecting a real sweet smelling lemon profile with the name lemon sherbet but this is more of a bitter lemon profile for me. Everyone is different so what I experience could be totally different your own. It looks and smells absolutely amazing great job guys


The effects from this one are just what I like it’s got a heavy onset that will work wonders if you have aches an pains or are looking to unwind. This sofa is feeling pretty dam good at the moment, my body feeing relaxed and my mind is feeling pretty much blank. Trying to find the right words in this review is no ease task. This is a great evening strain for me

***Flavour ***

The flavour on this is a smooth sweet lemon inhale. The exhale carry’s a bitter lemon flavour profile that I wasn’t expecting at all. I love a good lemon flavour an this is a great example of what a lemon profile should taste like sweet yet bitter come on what lemon is sweet without that bitter back end on the taste buds ah.


First Impressionism gradeds new extract range is high. I mean these guys always produce top quality products an this is no exception. Well done guys. This is a great product and delicious flavour profile for sure can not wait to try the rest