Lemon Skywalker OG isolate – Canevolve UK

lemon skywalker og

Here we go again people my Lemon Skywalker OG review. A massive thanks to the canevolve uk team for the hook up it’s deeply appreciated for sure. Don’t forget to check them out people some great deals to be had at super low prices


Strain: lemon skywalker og isolate

Strength: 99% cbd

*** looks and smell***

As soon as I opened this one I was greeted with a yellowish isolate. It is very course with some big an small lumps of isolate. It’s easy to work with if you have a little scoop like I do for loading up concentrates. The smell from this is a sweet lemon that has a kind of nutty, earthy, cake Aroma to it on the back end. It’s a real fruity one this lemon skywalker og. I mean it just smells so good I could literally eat it. As I do love a slice of lemon cake.


Well the effects from this one for me is an energising uplifting feel to it. Don’t get me wrong this can be a great way to help lift that hump day mood like it has for me. But then on the other hand if you looking for a rise an shine get up and go strain this one will help with that too. As for the relaxation this one is doing what I need it to. Not to heavy after a cheeky his with the puffco vision.

***Flavour ***

On the inhale straight away you get that lemon profile. It gets the taste buds dancing, it’s a real sweet Lemon, not a bitter one at all. On the exhale you get that early cake that had me wanting another hit. So me being me had to go back for another 2 or 3 hits. It’s a refreshing profile that is so moorish and definitely recommend trying.


Another great profile from canevolve uk and a must try if you are like me an love lemon profiles then this one is for you. What a great way to un-wind. Thanks a lot guys look forward to the next instalment that’s for sure.