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Lemon tree

welcome to my Lemon Tree review. This is my first review for the team over at cbd island and I’m very great full to them for contacting me and wanting my opinion on there new things extracts range. Can not wait to see what the future holds for your growing brand.


Strain: Lemon tree

Strength: 85% cbd

*** looks and smell***

Well when it comes to the looks of this it’s a pale orange/brown/amber extract in colour that is very solid an brittle when you break it up, so watch of for flying shards. It looks very clean and well made. As for the smell it smells like a sweet sharp lemon Fanta. It’s came in a little plastic screw top jar. I’m not a fan of plastic jars not that it’s a problem, so I’ve swapped them all out for my own glass jars as the extract stores better for longer.


Loaded up my puffco with a match head sized chunk, set it to high heat an had a long old puff on it. This extract put me in to a cough lock as soon as I started to exhale. Been a while since I’ve had that. But I am feeling clear headed after the coughing stopped. Some people love that as it can bring on the intensity of the extract. Well on a medium heat it’s so much smoother an I’d recommend that to anyone low an slow.

***Flavour ***

Well on a medium heat setting the profile is a sweet lemon on the exhale an a creamy bittersweet inhale. On a high heat the profile was very muted so best on a low to medium temp dab

***Conclusion*** 7.5/10

Well this is a good day time one for me not to heavy, best on a low to medium temp a flavour some dab. Great job guys can’t wait to try the next one.