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mega fruits cherry

Here we go people mega fruits (cherry) extract in all it’s glory. A massive thanks to the canevolve uk team for the hook up it’s deeply appreciated for sure. Don’t forget to check them out people some great deals to be had

Strain: Mega fruits (cherry)

Strength: 85% cbd / 4.5% cbd

*** looks and smell***

Well from the second you open this one you are hit with a sour cherry profile that smells sweet almost like a cherry drop but not quite. Cherry is a hard profile to nail it goes one way or the other I find.

To look at this is a kind of a amber colour that’s almost clear in patches. It’s a solid slab that breaks up pretty easy but do look out for flying chunks.


Well being super stressed out this evening with a lot going on in life as always I needed to escape the stress of the day, I found this one had great calming properties what being a cbd/cbg mix it has done just that. It’s bought my stress level down a bit so that’s a bonus for me did what I needed it to do. It’s not a heavy hit at all and can quite easily dive back in for another blast. A great day time strain for me or just to relieve that tension.

***Flavour ***

This tastes just like it smells, it’s got a smooth cherry inhale that is full of flavour and the exhale is just the same with a sour note to it. It’s sweet yet sour if that makes sense. It’s not as full on cherry as The smell but you definitely know it’s a cherry flavour if you didn’t see the lid that say it on it. If you like cherry drops then this one will get the taste buds flowing.


Another great product from the canevolve team. Nice flavour easy to work with and brought my stress levels down a bit so can’t complain.