Orange Diesel – CBD Extracts UK

orange diesel

Welcome to my Orange Diesel review. First off thank you so much to the guys over at cbd extracts uk for sending me 4 of there extracts to sample and review, it’s deeply appreciated and a pleasure chatting to you and watching your company take shape

Manufacturer: cbd extracts uk

Strength:1000mg/1g cbd 95%

Flavour profile: orange diesel

***Packaging and looks***

The packing on this is the same as all there extracts. Lockable top with vivid blue white and red branding on the jars. These are probably my favourite jars for extracts just because of the safety lock on the lid. The extract it’s self is out of hand. This thing is a orangey white colour and just shines in the light. It’s hard yet breaks up nicely well formed big chunky gram inside not dusty and bitty at all

***Flavour and smell***

The smell I get from this is like the zest of orange peel, a sweet smelling fruity pungent orange that has them sharp tones to it. I think this smells pretty dam good. I did get little earthy undertone on the back end but it’s real faint as the orange is well and truly clinging to my nostrils. The flavours on this are really nice and tastes just like it smells fruity with that authentic orange taste on the inhale an the exhale still fruity with a soft earthy kushy diesel dankness.


The effects from this are super relaxing. I mean I’ve have had the worst few days. So much stress, anger and frustration all rolled in to one. After one hit of this in the halo dab rig, on low temp setting. I wasn’t expecting to much but what a great effect it’s had.

Just what I need my eyes are feeling heavy my mind is blank from stress. I’m even struggling to write this as I just feel like I’m wondering off in to lar lar land . This is a great evening strain for me but could also be a great pain reliever as my back ache is much better this evening as all the tension has drifted away as made me forget I even have back pains.

***overall*** 9/10

Packing and looks like all the others from this brand are outstanding, effects are it’s what I look for in a extract. Another smashing job guy’s and bring this to market for the world to enjoy.