V1 – Hemp Hash

V1 hemphash

Welcome to my V1 review. First of all a huge thank you to the team over at hemp hash uk for contacting me and wanting me to review a couple of their new Rochanna Tea range. I’m very humbled by that an very great full indeed. I can’t thank you enough.


Strain: V1

Strength: 20.5% CBDA

*** looks and smell***

So the packing on these Rochanna teas are great loving the tins big time. The flower it’s self was packed inside the tins with in little bags that have boveda packs inside that keep them terps locked in an the contents fresh. Such a great touch when companies put these in with their products. The flower it’s self is a well formed tight bud that has great trichome coverage and the fruity hazy smell this is giving off its so more ish that I could just leave my nose in the tin and smell this sweet aroma all day long.


Well I have been struggling the last few days with my anxiety again the last couple an this one is helping me come back to to a level playing field. It’s helping my mind settle and I’m not racing at 1000mph through my thoughts. My body is feeling much more relaxed, my eyes are feeling a little on the heavier side an can see me sleeping well tonight

***Flavour ***

This one, on the inhale is a fresh skunky/haze vibe going on it’s got a sweet smelling aroma. It is an old skool grassy skunk that has a proper hazy backend to it. It’s an iconic flavour profile that I’d like me loves an old skool haze then this will tick them boxes for you.


Such a great strain for me from effects to flavour. It’s a old skool with a new skool feel a must try for any haze lovers out there. Great job hemp hash uk an can not wait to try the others in your range.