Wedding cake (limited edition) – Paradise CBD

wedding cake cbd flower

As always a big thank you to the team over at paradise cbd for the continued support the last year it’s been on hell of a ride.

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Strain: wedding cake (limited edition)

Area Of Origin: TuscanyCBD Content: 25.9%Total Cannabinoids: 27.3%

*** looks and smell***

Well this chunky 7g top cola is a beast of a bud, it’s pale greens are a thing of beauty an just for good measures the trichome coverage on this one is outstanding. It’s smell in the bag when opening is not what I’d call a dank smell but more of a fresh smell but once it hits that grinder oh my the sweet fruity smell that some of a currenty smell that is like what a wedding cake smells of then you get that nutty peppery backend that just lingers an the longer you take to inhale the stronger that gets.

***Flavour ***

Well this one tasted just like it smelt in the grinder full on sweet current/raisins then the back end of it has a nutty almost like nutmeg with a peppery finish. This one’s a full on flavour power house.


So with this one I am after hitting the dynavap with 3 heat cycles, feeling very relaxed, my body is feeling the warmth like someone’s just hugging me all over, you know that arhhh feeling when every bit of tension has been released from your muscles. A great evening strain for me that will definitely help me get a good nights sleep.

*** conclusion ***

Yet again another great product from paradise and this one is a real pleaser on the pallet. The effects are pretty strong in this one for me. All round winner an I can’t wait to put this in the volcano