Zkittlez crumble – Graded Green

zkittlez cbd crumble

Welcome to my Zkittlez CBD crumble review for Graded Green. As always a massive shout to my graded family on this one. I can’t thank you enough for these new extracts

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Strain: Zkittlez

Strength: 1g/ 800mg cbd crumble

*** looks and smell***

What can I say the smell to this one is a sweet fruity aroma all the back end. This has a zesty zing to it as soon as you put your nose to it but the back end of it has a rich kind of grape vibe going on mixed in with some sharp zest that gets the senses flowing. As for looks she’s a stunner a pale orange colour that just sparkles in the light like a shiny diamond. It’s a solid extract until you got to break a peace off an then it just falls apart but not so you can’t work with it.

zkittlez crumble extract


So with only putting a match head sized peace in the puffco vision I am quite surprised how much this one has mellowed me out yet I am feeling focused at the same time. I can see this being a great all round strain for me. If I want to relax or even if I feel I need a little boost this one will help me along the way.

***Flavour ***

The flavour I’m getting is a sweet juicy grape inhale with a sharp zest to it. It tastes just like it smells, delicious!

It’s hard to put my finger on one flavour are it’s got a lot going on an my taste buds are dancing like mad. It so smooth to start with then you get that sharp backend of the profile. Such a great flavoursome extract

***Conclusion*** 8/10

Such a great all round dab and deep flavours from the complexity within. Definitely gets the taste buds flowing and the brain ticking. A must try people. Great job as always gradedgreen another killer product