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blue cheese extract

Big shouts to cbd extracts Uk on this one, I got 4 new extracts to review from them recently an this is number 2 out of the new 4 I have here. Always a pleasure dealing with you guys an I’m very humbled as always so thank you once again


Strain: Blue cheese

Strength: 1g/ 1000mg 95%cbd

*** looks and smell***

This one has that same great look as all the others I’ve tried. Well formed solid isolate that is white in colour with a slight yellow top to it that just shines in the light. The smell from this is kind of like the runtz sweet zesty smell to it that carry’s a pungent burst of freshness to it


Effects from this are very calming as soon I as inhaled from my puffco vision. I instantly felt this puppy get to work. My mood has gone from being up tight to chilled af. This is a great strain to unwind with. It’s not overly heavy on the eyes but my body is releasing the tension second by second. I am feeling quite clear headed an focused. Definitely one for the evening for me. This will also make a great day time strain to as I still feel motivated in my self

***Flavour ***

Flavour is great on first inhale I got a free kind of minty ness to it. Then you get that zesty fruity fresh exhale. It’s not harsh as all. The flavour is kind of earthy with a peppery kind of feel on the throat. It’s a smooth profile that is worth trying if your a lover of the finer things


Over all a brilliant mood stabilising strain that will leave you feeling happy, relaxed and ready to take on the world. A must try if suffer with mood swings as this will help level you out (well it has me)

Great job cbd extracts uk another great extract here