Critical CBG – Hemp & Herb

Critical  CBG flower

As always a massive thank you to the hemp an herb team for the support as always remember to go check them out guys an save 15% off your orders

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Strain: Critical

Strength: 10% cbg

*** looks and smell***

This is a mix of pale green colours that is a tight yet wispy flower, it’s been cured nice and once it hits the grinder it fluffs up nice. It’s got a woody kind of smell to it that has a mellow musky undertone that is some what of a touch floral, Under close inspection you can see plenty of tiny shimmering trichomes that glisten in the light.


This one is a good way to relax for me, I had a tension headache most of the day from stress but after a few hits of this in the dynavap it has definitely eased off. I find that it doesn’t produce much of a rich dense vapour, but it does help with what I need it to do.

***Flavour ***

Flavour is a smooth sweet musky inhale that on the exhale carry’s a musky floral profile, it’s hard to say what the exact profile reminds me of flavour wise as I feel it’s more of a fresh taste. Not a bad profile but not a loud sweet dank profile.


Another great product from hemp an herb an the first cbg flower I’ve tried. Can’t wait for the next one guys. Thanks again and keep up the great work