Gastrawbz – Gradedgreen

Welcome to my Gastrawbz Review. As always a massive shout to my graded family on this one. I can’t thank you enough for these new extracts

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Strain: gastrawbz

Strength: 1g/ 1000mg cbd shatter

*** looks and smell***

So this is no exception on the looks, it’s another great looking crumble. It’s a yellowish colour that is solid an quite hard. So watch it when you break this one up it pings everywhere. It’s got a great shimmer to it for sure. As for smell I’m getting a strong strawberry refresher smell to it. An it’s a fruity one this one. Love the smell of this could keep it under my nose all day


So after a cold start in the rig and a pretty big dab for my standards and a big ass coughlock for about 3 minutes the warm fuzzy ness over come me. I was expecting this one to be a heavy hitter, but I am feeling a little relaxed more focused more than anything. This did not a heavy body effect on me at all more of a clear head uplifted effort. This ones a great day time strain if you want to fill more awake.

***Flavour ***

Full on strawberry refresher this one, on the inhale you get a kind of sour strawberry that’s is a full creamy texture and the exhale it’s like a cool strawberry. A very fruity profile that clings to the pallet for a while


Not a bad extract but not quite the one for me unfortunately, it’s a great flavour profile just not as heavy as I’d like myself. But if your looking for a uplifted focus on life then this one will help you along the way. Great job as always gradedgreen. Can’t wait for the next one on my list