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Runtz OG CBD Gradedgreen

Welcome to my Runtz OG review. As always a massive thank you to the gradedgreen family as always, these new strains look an smell amazing. You guys always pushing forward with product development and strive on high quality and never fail to impress

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Strain: Runtz OG

Strength: 24% cbd

*** looks and smells***

Right off the bat this flower has a very sweet aroma to it, soon as I ripped open the pack it slapped me in the chops. It’s a fruity profile that has a nice Ballance of sweet an sharp berry like aroma that smells so good. As for looks this is a mix of pale and dark greens that has been cured an trimmed to perfection. The nugs are super tight an explode in the grinder. They have a nice stickyness to them and the trichome coverage is great.


Well this is a good mood lifter for me, I am feeling more relaxed than I have been today. I’ve hit the dynavap twice and loaded up the volcano where this flower really shines. Such a nice relaxing feel and just what I want after a long days grind.

***Flavour ***

From this I’m getting a sweet fruity inhale that has a creamy exhale, that being said this is a really nice tasting flower an the dynavap really brings out the sweet notes for a well rounded profile

***Conclusion*** 9/10

Such a great looking and smelling flower, graded have done it again for me. A truly great example of what I like in a flower. All round winner for me