Stardawg OG – Canevolve

stardawg og terpsolate

Welcome to my Stardawg OG review. Massive thanks as always for the support you guys have given me, it’s always appreciated and I can’t thank you enough.

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Strain: stardawg og

Strength: 90% cbd shatter

*** looks and smell***

Well as you can see this extract is very much like all of canevolves range.

Well formed shatter shards that are solid to touch but break up easy, this makes it a pleasure to work with. It’s a off white colour that when you look closely you can see all the peaks like tiny mountains with a glassy shattered glass effect. The smell from this one is a pungent dank smell that is earthy but very very sweet.


So this one sent me in to a straight up coughlock (very unexpected) I’ve been using a lot of flower of late an this one has definitely lifted my concentration levels. I was hit with a hot flush after the coughing stopped and my body is feeling a lot less fidgety. Definitely feeling a lot more focused. This one is a get up an go for me nothing to heavy on the eyes or body.

***Flavour ***

Well after hitting this on the medium heat setting it’s a strong earthy inhale that carries a sweet exhale. It’s hard to put a finger on the main profile for me I’d like to say a sweet citrusy back end yet a few dank earthy inhale that clings to the taste buds.


Well this is a full on nose explosion it smells as good as it looks. Effects are nice an mellow yet uplifting. A great day time strain. Well done canevolve yet another killer product bought to market