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Caramello Hash Review

Got to give a massive thank you to the team over at cbd extracts uk for sending this Caramello hash out for me to sample. It’s always a pleasure reviewing for you an service and communication is always great.

Strain: Carmelo Hash

Strength: 30% Full Spectrum

*** looks and smell***

Well what can I say on this Caramello. Looks its got that hash appeal to it for sure. Its a light brown in colour that is of high quality. Its very soft and crumbles real easy in to a nice fluffy texture. As for the aroma I’m getting a real spicy deep hash. It’s quite a bitter smell to it but it takes me back to the good old Moroccan days. A real nose pleaser for me.


A real heavy hitter for me is this Caramello. My face was feeling very flushed and warm waves rolling over my face. My Body is feeling very much at ease right now. This is a great way to unwind in the evening or even if yo are on the go and looking for that heavy punch to hit the spot.

***Flavour ***

This is a real deep hash that has a sweet kind of inhale that is over powered on the exhale with that spicy richness. It really does taste like it smells. So so good. I cant believe how much this tastes like the thc counter part, a very good representation of what a quality hash should be like.


Another great product bought to market and if your in to your hashes this one will definitely deserves some appreciation and respect great job guys what a great CBD Hash this is. Thanks again and can not wait for the next instalment and I love watching your brand grow from strength to strength and always evolving.