Pineapple Express – Improved Health LTD

pineapple express Disposable vape cart review

He we have my first review for improved health a 519 vape cart. A huge thank you for the reach out and wanting me to review a few of your products. I’m very humbled by this and very great full indeed.

Disposable vape cart

Strain: Pineapple Express

Strength: 90.4% cbd

Total Cannabinoids 93.44%

*** device***

Well the 510 cart looks pretty solid. The light honey coloured distillate inside looks nice an clean and a pale golden colour. The vapour production on a low and high heat setting are great.


Always remember to go low and slow with carts don’t run before you can walk. I find they creep up on you a lot.

I find this one has a great calming effect for me. I’ve had around 10 pulls on this and can definitely feel the effects. My eyes are feeling it along with my body just glued to the sofa. I have to remember that these carts are not my every day vape. I have to remember to put it down as over do it. Can see this being a great evening strain for me. It helps me unwind an I’m definitely going to sleep well.

***Flavour ***

Well I’d say this is a piney profile that has a little sweet taste to it. On the inhale and in the exhale you get a deeper pine/Hempy taste to it. Not as sweet as you would expect but not a bad taste to it for me.

***Conclusion*** 8/10

Absolutely bang in for effects and vapour quality. I’m liking the flavour profile but would like it a little more fruity being a flavour chaser myself. Not saying it tastes bad at all because it’s not just I love it fruity. The effects are great and a good way of getting that CBD hit on the go.