5G mixed shake – Paradise CBD

mixed shake paradise cbd

Many thanks to the guys over at paradise cbd for sending me out his 5g Shake. Also for their outstanding support over the last few months. I’m truly humbled by it, thank you so much.


Strain: 5G mixed shake

*** looks and smell***

This tin of shake is a full on power house for smell. I mean it so fruity with a sweet aroma that fills the air. The second u pop that top. Bam! like a smack to the face with a shovel it’s gets the senses flowing. The look of the shake is nice, no stalks or seeds in sight just fresh shake ready to roll.


The effects on this shake are so good. At first I was like oh this is just ok but it’s a creeper. Definitely a great relaxing blend for me. My eyes feel heavy and the body is feeling so much better and the tension has gone. This has cleared all my stresses of the day an today I’ve been real stressed with work. Not now though this shake is a beauty great job guys

***Flavour ***

Flavour is fresh can’t put a finger on just one flavour that stands out. It all works so well being a mixed shake. It’s fruity. Yet has a earthy hazy flavour very much like the critical haze has. Yet it’s got that musky earthy flavours that tingle the senses. Over all a real great tasting shake


Such a great tin of goodness that’s a heavy hitter for me. So handy that you don’t even have to grind it up. The price on this is great to £19.99 for 5G or 3 tins for £50 what a bargain