Agent orange – Paradise CBD

Agent Orange paradise cbd

As always to start with a massive thanks goes out to the team over at paradise cbd for the hook up of their Agent orange. It’s always appreciated for sure an can’t wait to review this one.

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Strain: Agent orange

*** looks and smell***

Once again paradise are stepping it up a notch. This new agent orange is a well formed dense flower. It is covered in beautiful trichomes that just shine in the sun. It’s a mix of dark an pale greens with a great cure an trim job. The smell from this when you open the smell proof bag is a zesty one. It’s a really pleasant sweet zest an yet has a spicy backend that just fills the nose well goodness. Grinds just perfect an then the aromas intensify so so sweet smelling.


For me this one is a great mood booster that leaves you feeling clear headed with an energetic euphoria. I just sat an chilled watching a film on the sofa my my eyes fixed on the tv. Very impressed with how well I slept also after hitting this a few times in the volcano. So smooth on the inhale that is full of that sweet zesty terpene profile of the agent orange.

***Flavour ***

As soon as I hit this the zesty sweet inhale took my taste buds to flower heaven. It’s got a cool smooth inhale that has my taste buds dancing. The exhale is just as sweet an zesty as the inhale. Over all the profile on this one rocks


A great uplifting strain that left me feeling full of energy yet able to sit an relax. A great get up and go strain or even a great way to chill if your looking to just feel at ease with ones self. Well done paradise yet another killer product bought to the market.