Amnesia haze – Paradise CBD

 amnesia haze

Yet another huge thank you to the team over at paradise for dropping me this care pack that had a few strains in to try. It’s always deeply appreciated thank you so much. If you haven’t checked out paradise then you should

Strain: amnesia haze

*** looks and smell***

So their amnesia haze strain looks the part it’s a thing of beauty. It’s covered in shiny Crystals. I mean the Trichome coverage is absolutely ridiculous all over top to bottom an inside out. The smell coming from this is a deep earthy peppery smell that has a bit of zest to it. But more on the woody spicy side of things. An if like me and you love your haze this will tick all the boxes. The trim and cure on this are spot on dense bud with no sweet leaf. It’s still sticky even tho it’s dry inside.


So the effects on this are quite pleasant. I’m feeling very clear headed after putting a bit bowl in my Khan mod. My eyes are feeling a little on the heavy side. My body is also loving the way it’s making me sink in to this sofa. But it’s kind of uplifting at the same time. Not overly heavy but a great body weight to it. Only thing I will say is I found it a little scratchy on the back of my throat. It’s nothing I can’t deal with. It’s more on the inhale than exhale with that real deep spicy peppery haze taste.

***Flavour ***

Flavour on this one is a real spicy woodie one with deep earthy tones to it. I would say sweet but it’s more zesty than sweet fruity profile. It’s a dank flower that’s for sure and fills the room with the unforgettable haze profile.


This one ticks all the boxes apart from the little throat irritation. That’s why it lost a point but effects are right where I need them to be. Great job with this one guys another great product bought to market