Banana Kush – Graded Green

banana kush graded green

As always a huge thank you to the team over at Graded Green for this Banana Kush to sample and review. It is always a pleasure reviewing for you and always exciting when ever a drop lands in the post box.


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*** looks and smell***

First looks on this is it’s a well trimmed well cured bud. It has some lovely dark green colour with some light patches. With a ton of dark orange almost brown shoots all over it. I mean just looks at this fine example of what a kush is supposed to looks like. Smell wise this has a totally different profile. It’s got that kushy smell. The bit that sticks out is that banana smell. At first I was like no way would it smell like banana. But sitting there with it under my nose for a couple of big hefty wiffs you get it. 100% it’s there but it’s a sweet floral banana smell


This flower has great effect on me an can feel all the stresses of the day just drifting away. Mind is clear my eyes are heavy. My body with a euphoric warm feeling that just says relax unwind and chill. Just what the doctor ordered.

***Flavour ***

Flavour is very nice indeed with an deep floral sweet dank flavour. Not to earthy like other types of Kush. This is a one of a kind flower with a long lasting sticky flavour on the taste buds. It has a sort after note of banana but that kush is a light sweet taste that lingers

***Conclusion*** 9/10

This is a very unique tasting flower that is a great hitter. Works well as a evening strain for me. But I can see me smoking this in the day. As it’s a great all round flavour banger well done guys bringing another great product to the table.