Banana OG – CBD Island

Banana og

A massive thank you to the team at the island for sending this Banana OG out in my pack a while back. It’s always appreciated and if you haven’t checked them out then do so.

Strain: Banana OG crumble (limited edition)
Strength: 85% cbd

***looks and smells***

Yet again the extract looks amazing it’s a creamy colour. A well formed and clean looking extract with its mix of cream colours is a thing to marvel at. As for the texture it’s a silky extract to touch. It’s very hard that with little effort breaks up nicely. This makes it easy to work with for sure.


This one for me is a nice uplifting profile. I was left feeling with a little more spring in my step. Feeling more focused after hitting this a couple times in my dynavap. Sleep was a thing of beauty last night. Managed a solid 8 hours, for me that’s pretty good.


Flavour from this is a mellow zest on the inhale but the exhale it’s got that sweet Banana undertone. It’s not over powering with Banana the balance is just right. You get that og dank lip smacking dankness as well so that’s a plus.

***Conclusion*** 8/10

A great way of getting your cbd intake. Most defiantly great for day time use when want to get things accomplished. Can see things a lot clearer and my mind is not racing like it tends too. Great job guys can’t wait for the next one.