Banana og hash – Graded green

As always I’d like to say a huge thank you to the team over at gradedgreen for this banana og hash. Also their continued support they have given me over the last year. An I’m very humbled to have reviewed so many of their products, every care package is deep appreciated.


Strain: banana og hash 19%cbd

*** looks and smell***

Well the looks on the banana hash is pretty dam good. It’s a real light green/yellow colour that is super soft and breaks up so easily. Yet it is still strong enough to hold shape well. The smell from this is is sweet and fruity yet has that dank earthy smell to it. It’s an all round great looking and smelling hash.

One thing I love about this style of has is no need for a lighter. No mess on the fingers is always a plus


Well after loading some OG hash in to my dynavap with a tiny amount of flower. Just enough to cover the mesh to stop any flying down the back of my throat. I must say I’m feeling pretty chilled out an this stuff works wonders. I’m not feeling any stress of the day. It’s all just gone out the window like it wasn’t even there to start with. My body is feeling at ease with it’s self an my mind is clear from negative thoughts.

***Flavour ***

Flavour from this on the inhale is a little earthy with a sweet dankness to it. Sure has a great exhale, fruity yet musky. Nothing harsh at all like you get from some of the harder hashes. It’s definitely a pleasure to use in the dynavap. It’s the first style of hash I’ve experimented within the vap. You can definitely taste the fruity side of this. Amazingly lingers on your pallet for a while, so lip smacking good too.


Such a smooth hit on this that sends you in to a tranquil state of relaxation. Being super soft is a plus as no need to burn this. No end up with a mess on the fingers like some hash. This is a kind of CBD hash. This will sway a non cbd hash lover like me to want to try smoke more of it. If you love your hash then this is a must have. Great job as always guys and thank you for sending it over