Bruce Banner – Hemp & Herb

Bruce banner Hemp & Herb

First off I’ve got to say It’s very much appreciated and this Bruce Banner looks amazing. A huge thank you to the hemp and herb team for a prompt delivery and a few extra samples put in the bag for me to try. Go check them out guys an save 15% off your orders

Code: cr15

Strain: Bruce Banner

Strength: 12% cbd hybrid

*** looks and smell***

So soon as I popped that top on this I was created with a spicy pine that is some what creamy and smooth. It fills the nose with a nutty spice on the backend and what an aroma itis too, nice an dank smelling. The looks on this speak volumes it’s covered in amber and milky trichomes, it’s pale green complexion has flecks of dark orange as the pistol’s short an cover this flower well.


So after being in a grumpy mood all day long today this one has helped lift. My aggy mood has now gone an I’m feeling quite relaxed and no longer coiled uptight like a jack In the box ready to pounce at any moment. I’m feeling clear headed an more relaxed after hitting the dynavap with to heat up sessions. Can not wait to load the volcano

***Flavour ***

Flavours are just like the smells. It’s a creamy piney inhale that has a spicy nutty undertone. It’s sweet yet not it’s full on dank flavour definitely gets the senses an taste buds rolling


Yet again a great example of what a quality flower should look and taste like. A must have if you haven’t already tried this strain.