Choco Nut Caramel Crunch – Hemp & Herb

Choco Nut Caramel Crunch

Here we go again with the all new chocolate nut caramel crunch resin so first off a huge thank you to the hemp and herb team for sending out a couple of new samples for review, got to say a huge thank you to their team for a prompt delivery and It’s very much appreciated. Go check them out guys an save 15% off your orders

Code: cr15

Strain: Choco Nut Caramel Crunch

Strength: 72% cbd brittle/resin (hybrid)

*** looks and smell***

So this is one interesting looking extract an I love my extracts big time. This is looks like a lump of caramel with some flower sprinkled init for good measure. It lives up to its name it’s brittle an has a coco/nutty smell to it with a sweet caramel kind of smell. It’s almost hashy aroma is one of a kind I think in a extract form. This is definitely an exciting/interesting extract an sparked my attention when I was told that it was coming to market.


So this has a high vaporisation point compared to out extracts an took a little longer to get a good pull from the vision, but as soon I it hits that sweet spot you know about it, I am feeling very relaxed, eyes a little heavy but nothing over the top. My mood has lifted an my body is feeling a lot less tense. It took a little while for the onset for me but nothing beats a creeper.

***Flavour ***

Flavours I’m getting are definitely what the name says it’s nutty with a creamy caramel that has a coco undertone that has a bite to it as dark chocolate does. It’s sweet and savoury all in one. This is one great tasting extract in the puff co vision.


This is a nice change from your every day extract and a great all rounder. Left me feeling nice an relaxed and can see this product doing well for many users out there. Greta job guys and thanks again