Cotton candy – Dappe Bio Tech

First of all, this Cotton candy was sent for me to review for the guys over at @dappebiotech I’d like to say a massive thank you for the care package it’s most appreciated.

strain : Cotton candy

Cbd content: 74%cbd 20%cbg 1g crumbleSourced from : @dappebiotech

Manufacturer: Dappe Bio Tech

***Looks and smell***

The first look at this brand and my gosh this packaging looks absolutely banging loving the little black jars and the labeling is on point. Soon as i opened the jar I was greeted with a huge 1 gram dab that looks like a giant sugar slap. I mean this this shines under the light. The smell from this is so sweet and fruity like the name suggests cotton candy an it does smell like you have just opened a bag from the fair.


The flavour from this is as close to a cotton candy as you can get without eating some. I mean this is what it’s all about a pure flavour chasers dream. I could sit there an eat this like it was a big bag of candy floss. It’s so sweet and definitely right up my street for full on flavour


So this being 74%cbd and 20%cbg I in total love with this extract. It has got a heavy feel to this yet I’m very relaxed, clear headed and have not a care in the world right now. I only did a small dab as a test to see how it plays out an my gosh I’m going back for another hit. I feel the pains in my knees vanished. I’m so happy right now and I’m a grumpy old fart most of the time


10/10Full on happy with this Extract, it’s right up there with the best of the best. Such a great lifter with that heavy start I look for in any extract. A must have if you have a sweet tooth