Mango Kush- Hemp & Herb

Mango Kush Hemp & Herb

As always a massive thank you to the team over at hemp and herb cbd for this Mango Kush. I am truly great full for the support an care package you sent me. If you haven’t already tried these guys out then do so.

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Strain: mango kush

Strength: 17% CBD

*** looks and smell***

Well the looks on this are stunning it’s an absolute beaut. I mean it’s mix of pal an dark green complexion with plenty of brown pistols coming though are stunning. As for trichome coverage this is jam packed to the rafters, from deep with in to the very tips it’s coated, as if someone’s rolled it in glitter.

The smell from this just screams at you, it’s deep kushy pines with a fruity twist. It’s a full on dank smelling flower that’s got my senses rolling.


This one is a great little relaxing number for me, after hitting it a few times in the dynavap it has left me feeling quite content. It has a little uplift to it that put a spring in my step. I did sleep really well after this got in my system. It is a great way to unwind after a long days grind.

***Flavour ***

Well this one is a dank kushy profile with a fruity pine twist. It’s deep and rich in flavour that has the taste buds dancing. One for the flavour chasers out there that’s for sure. You do get that sweet aftertaste that is so dam good and had me going back for more.


An absolute winner for me, a great strain that ticks all the boxes. Well done guys too quality yet again as always. Your stepping up your game with every new delivery that lands on my door step and thank you can not wait for the next instalment.