mega fruits strawberry – Canevolve

mega fruits strawberry

As always a massive thanks to the canevolve team for sending this mega fruits strawberry over for review in my mega bundle I got for you guys it’s always appreciated

Strain: mega fruits strawberry

Strength: 85% cbd / 4.5% cbg

*** looks and smell***

Just like the other mega fruits range this has transparent and amber slabs in the jar. These are very brittle an break up easily. Be warned shards ping off easy with this extract. It’s looks great just as the others do. As for the aroma it’s not in your face and myself wouldn’t say it’s a strong strawberry smell at all. It’s got a soft sweet aroma but more like a strawberry plant smell to it. Not a bad smell but not a mega fruity strawberry I was expecting.


So I have had 4 hits of this now in my halo. I’m not feeling like this is a heavy one at all. Very little effects to be honest from this one. I got a little bit of tension in my forehead after hitting this. So it could just be the profile and me not getting along.

***Flavour ***

So the flavour was quite muted for me on a low heat setting. I did get a faint berry flavour on the exhale. Not as flavourful as the others in the mega fruits range.


Well not what I was hoping for with this one as the other mega fruits profiles were great. I guess you can’t always find profiles you like along with the effects. Others might get on with this one but it’s not for me.