Pineapple Express – CBD Island

pine apple express extract

Well I got to give a huge thank you to the team over at cbd island for sending this Pineapple Express out in my pack. It’s always appreciated and if you haven’t checked them out then do so.

Strain: Pineapple Express

Strength: 85% cbd

*** looks and smell***

Once I opened this Pineapple Express I was greeted with a sweet smelling pineapple aroma that has a earthy undertone to it. It’s very sweet fruity fragrance is very pleasing and gets the mouth watering. As for the looks, it’s a pale off yellow creamy colour that is smooth to touch. It has come in very thin slabs that are easy to work with and break up with ease.


Well I put a nice sized load in the halo and heated it up on a low temp to get that full on terpenes hit, then I hit it with another heat cycle to get the full effects from this. Soon as I hit the second heat up cycle I could feel my face glowing as the warm rushes come across me. Even though I did get a little cough lock from it, I feel very uplifted from this one it’s not heavy as some but I can see this being a great day time profile. I do feel a lot less tense than I did when I got home from work.

***Flavour ***

This is a creamy earthy fruity pineapple on the inhale and the exhale is just as tasty. If you loved the original Pineapple Express then this will tick all the boxes for you. The sweetness mixed with that earthy undertone is great.

***Conclusion*** 7/10

Another great example of a clean well balanced extract. A great way to start the day, full of flavour an the sweet pineapple shines. Great job guys can’t wait for the next one.