Amnesia haze – Graded Green

Amnesia Haze

Massive respect as always to the team over at Gradedgreen for this new Amnesia Haze strain. It is always appreciated, I can not thank you enough.

4 of a 5 part review As I have 5 strains from gradedgreen to try.

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*** looks and smell***

So this Amnesia haze is in graded greens standard flower range. Don’t let that make you think by any means this is a standard every day cbd flower. The looks on this bud are just as good as any of there other flower. The sweet smelling zesty fragrance with that dank haze smell is one to die for. This is a nice light green colour an just screams smoke me. I used to be a big haze lover of mj plants. An this is definitely the best haze strain for me. The bud’s are tight and well formed. Once it hits that grinder you can feel the oils that this bud is carrying hidden in its cute little form.


This amnesia is a great day time smoke. Starts out a little heavy on my eyes. But that’s haze for your but then you get that relaxed ready for the day ahead feeling. Quite a productive strain very clear headed an a bit more energetic. It is definitely a great strain for helping deal with them anxiety that niggle away in the back of your mind.

***Flavour ***

With most hazes you get that earthy sweet taste. That is so dominant yet so smooth and very well rounded out. With that sweet lip smacking citrus exhale yet it also brings that earthy dank vibe to it too. The flavour is definitely hard to beat but I’m a haze lover and always will be

***Conclusion*** 9/10

This is a great all day smoke it smell banging, great looks and that all important it does what I need it to. Standard range I don’t think so this more than just standard it’s outstanding. Great job guys an if you love a haze then buy this by the truck load oh an stock up on some nibbles cos I got the muchies like a mother fucker