Blue Cheese – Dappe bio Tech

blue cheese

First of all, this was the second part of my care pack ‘Blue cheese’ sent for me to review for the guys over at @dappebiotechI’d like to say a massive thank you for the care package it’s most appreciated and it has been a pleasure reviewing the 2 strains. Keep up the great work and I can see you have a eye to detail and delivering great products to market.

strain : blue cheese

Cbd content: 74%cbd 20%cbg 1g crumble

Sourced from : @dappebiotech

Manufacturer: Dappe Bio Tech

***Looks and smell***

Well looking at this fine specimen of a dab for the first time. It’s just as shiny and clean as the cotton candy. I mean this just scream quality. The smell you are greeted with is a sweet sort of fresh blueberry smell to it. Quite a pungent citrus smell to it. Very pleasant and mouth watering.


The flavour is very nice very berry like with a strong earthy citrus backend. It’s very clean in flavour. I’m sure with a different mod or even in a banger it will be even stronger in flavour. To me that’s what it’s all about flavour from the terps. It’s what’s you expect with the name blue cheese it definitely has that same sort of fruity earthy profile. An I like it a lot.


This being 74%cbd and 20%cbg the effects from this are just what I needed after a stressful few hours today. I mean I have been in a right pickle with my anxiety. This evening and after getting home and hitting this my stress level has dropped so much. I’m totally at ease now. It’s not to heavy on the eyes an body I’m very clear headed. I Might even go back for another blast even it’s needed just greedy at times.

***Conclusion*** 9.5/10

So happy with this Extract it’s another fine example of a clean tasty extract. I recommend that if you love your blue cheese then this is quite close to it. Well done guys great job delivering another fantastic product to market