Cindy Cheese – HighKind Cannabis Co

To start with I’d like to say a massive thank you to the guys over at highkindcannabiscoFor sending me this Cindy Cheese. Yet another killer care package to review , it’s always a pleasure dealing with you guys an I highly recommend to everyone

Strain: Cindy Cheese

Manufacturer: highkind cannabis co

Strength:250mg over 5ml of distillate


As always highkinds Packaging rocks always bright vivid designs that are pleasing to the eye. The cart itself has their logo on so no mistake when you look at it if you have a collection going on. The cart is solidly made. An it comes with two silicone protectors one on the 510 thread and one on the mouth peace.

cindy cheese cart


The flavours from this little cart are very suitable indeed. I’m getting a kind of sweet earthy inhale that has a peppery taste that sticks to the pallet. That’s almost like the back end of a haze on the exhale. No harshness to it but I’m sure as the coil and cotton break in the Flavour will only get sweeter


This cart packs a punch I’ve had 10 pulls on this and I must say my head is clear. Eyes a little heavy but feeling quite relaxed. As time goes on I’m feeling even more relaxed and that warm fuzziness that calls for the sofa yet still feeling able to get on with things


Effects 10/10

Flavour 8/10

Cart quality 10/10

Such a great little cart that packs a punch. A must have in anyone’s arsenal that loves their carts, great job guys