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Bought this Cookies from the guys over at @gradedgreen and at the moment they have a sale on all extracts remember to use code c15 on top to save that bit extra on your entire order

strain : cookies

Cbd content: 750mg cbd 100mg cbg 1g crumble

Sourced from :


***Looks and smell***

Again another great looking crumble from the guys over at @extractlabs just one big fat chunky gram of Cookies extract. This one looks like honey comb on close inspection with all the little dimples that run right across it. The smell from this has that sweet fruity aromatic pungent smell that fills the nose and gets the senses flowing.


The flavour from this has a nice smooth an fruity yet mellow flavour, bare in mind I micro dose with a Linx ember so use a real small amount in that so u can expect this to be full on in a rig. It has a little creamy aftertaste that lingers when you lick your lips.


Effects wise this is a mood lifter for me but if this was in a rig I can see this one being a face Melter and I can’t wait to up my setup to accommodate a bigger does in one sitting. I’m feeling quite clear headed and stress free. So it’s a win win for me, saying that though as time has gone by I am feeling even more relaxed this one’s a creeper.

***Conclusion*** 9/10

Well this is another get Extract and one to keep in rotation for sure. A decent extract if your feeling like you need that lift yet relaxed at the same time