Cream Caramel – Sweed Dreams

Cream Caramel

So this Cream Caramel was sent to me by the guys over at @sweed.dreams.cbd an their service was outstanding I mean come on it came from Spain to me in the UK in under 24 hours door to door. Well done guys that’s really impressive.


*** looks and smell***

well my first impressions being what a great looking dense sticky looking bud. The packaging is very appealing to he eye as soon as see it its like what a great design. I opened the packet an was smacked in the face by a sweet yet skunky piney smell that lingers. When I got it out it was and even better with a great looking bud. Proper dense bud that’s is covered in trichomes. The trim job is every nice one this bud with no stalk in site. Has lovely bunch of light and dark green colour with some deep orange almost brown look to it. Covered in trichomes and is nice and fresh and has been cured just right and in the grinder grinds up well and fluffs up great.

Cream Caramel


This one is a great flower for instant relaxation and has a great body high to it. Can feel my negative thoughts just flowing away in to a super chilled mood. Definitely one to have in any ones flower arsenal

***Flavour ***

Flavour is very nice. Fresh with that earthy taste to it definitely a sweet hempy taste to. But has a sort of creamy citrus piney after toon to it on the exhale. I can still taste it half hour after finishing it.

***Conclusion*** 9. 5/10

I’m sure if you got this you would not be disappointed a great tasting flower that has all the great properties that we as hemp consumers look for in out flower. Great job guys. Most of all I can not wait to try others from these guys if they are anything like this strain