E-liquid – HighAboveHealth

HighAbvoeHealth e-liquid

These e-liquids were sent to me from the fantastic guys over at @highabovehealth for me to review many thanks guys for the og kush and gelato E-Liquid. A little bit of something today from herbs. Been waiting a while to try these as didn’t have a spare pod dedicated for cbd. But today they came an now the juice is soaking in the coil can’t wait to try these


Well the flavour on these E-Liquids are pretty nice. These have a kind of a sweet tropical earthy hempy flavour with a sort of creamyness to it. Not harsh on the throat like some e liquids are. Granted it’s a totally different experience from vaping normal E-liquid. Quite impressed with the flavour profiles and I’m a fussy git when it comes to e liquids.


Well I opted for the 500mg option first as wasn’t to sure if the 1000mg would be to much. I have been using the voopoo drag X with the 40w to 60w mesh coil. Set to a wattage of 18w.

Remember cbd should be vaped between 15 to 30w

anything over that just burns off the isolate.

I vape at 100w normally and this is quite surprising at 18w. Soon after taking 2 pulls I could feel a glow in my cheeks. A warm fuzzy feeling coming over me. A few more pulls on the X an I can say this is very relaxing. The aches in my foot have gone for now. That’s a great start to my first experience with this juice.


Great little 10ml bottles with child proof lid always a plus. Great label easy to read simple yet straight to the point.


Rating 5/5 for e juice

Well this juice is a great juice and I’m very impressed with the effects an flavour. Just remember to go low and slow on your wattage to get the most from a cbd e juice. Most would recommend this for people who want to get their cbd fix when out and about without stinking the place out like cbd flower does